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Sonic Boom Character What-ifs - Rouge by Blue-Paint-Sea Sonic Boom Character What-ifs - Rouge by Blue-Paint-Sea
Yeah, I'm definitely more excited about this than I should be, but honestly, I just couldn't help myself.

With characters like Orbot, Cubot, and potentially Shadow, being planed to appear, I'm sure many of us are / have been wondering; if there are other characters in the sonic universe appearing in Boom as well, what would they look like? Would their appearance change a little or a lot? Would their personalities & traits be the same or altered as well?

Well, at one point I thought of Rouge, then an idea just sparked, and the result was this piece. 

Taking cues from Ray the flying squirrel, my redesign for Rouge's Sonic Boom appearance would involve having her wings on her arms like real bats. However, she would have the unique ability to expand them to the point where they would be nearly twice as large as she is, allowing her to fly with much more strength during bad weather conditions, or when carrying someone or something. 

While her wings are powerful, Her body shape would be altered for the same reason as Knuckles, in the sense of having more emphasis on where the majority of her muscles are. In her case, lower body strength due to her kickboxing, which would also lightly explain the loss of her boots in favour of workout wear.

Amy - "what exactly do you see in that clumsy hulk anyway?"
Rouge - "I don't know hun I guess next to jewels I also have a thing for guys with burly physiques. y'know, like MANY girls do?"
Amy - "says the bat with the extremely large hips" *mumble-grumble*.
Rouge -  "jealous?":eyebrows:

I terms of her personality, she would still be a treasure hunter, and she would still tease Sonic and his friends, but perhaps more like how she was first portrayed in Adventure 2, where her flirting would be toned down a notch to make her much less of a slut and more of a character who enjoys her day job. With that said, what I think could be a neat addition is her having a mission partnership with Tails;

- Both being eyes in the skies (one naturally & one mechanically)
- Both are clever & smart in their own rights
- if Sonic & Amy are like a big brother & sister to him, Rouge could be like a motherly figure of-sorts, something along the lines of Rarity & Spike from MLP, but no crushes of course

Because seriously, just pair her up with Knuckles already. It was one of the reasons she was created in SA2 anyway, besides being his rival.

But what do you guys think? Should I do more like this? Do you agree / disagree with this alteration? Let me know in the comments below!

(Characters & Sonic Boom material belong to SEGA & BigRedButton Entertainment respectively)
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Big ass? Yes please.
Pandemoneum 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Honestly I like this design~ c: 
When I first saw it I thought the hips where too much but now that I read the text It would be amazing touch~
Just a little less, a pear shape does suit Rouge though~  
Plus, notice how each character look unique build.
Look Knuckles~ 
laurytheotter 6 days ago   Digital Artist
OMG I would love her to bits.
bossman12 Apr 16, 2014   Traditional Artist
I wish this were official.
she doesnt have shoe
:baffled: :confuzzled: Kawaii Shoujo (Question Mark) [V1] 
where is her peaches skin on her arms
vengaspell and rouge fight Winking Rouge emote Rouge run Rouge Winking Knux Battle Icon 109 - Nice and relaxed ? Relax 
sonia-lee Apr 14, 2014  Student General Artist
well her hip dont lie XDD
 great drawing !!
Double-Dork Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist much this!
I'm absolutely in love with your redesign!
My initial response was "dem hips" but after some re-evaluating, I grew to love it instantaneously! (much like when Knuckles first redesign was shown)
I would sincerely be stoked if she were to have any of the traits, or better yet the design you made for her.
YakkoWarner20 Apr 11, 2014  Student Artist
I don't mind the wings on the arms.
Rouge's hips are too big
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